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Friday, Apr 7th 2006


[Apr 7th 2006, 00:56] >>> New Database Structure!

Not that anyone cares, (since no one uses this site - I really should do something about that...) but Iv'e just moved the database that powers this site to a brand new server.

Thank you DreamHost for finally allowing me to run multiple databases from the same server and hostname.   [R]


Sunday, Sep 28th 2003


[Sep 28th 2003, 01:19] >>> test


hello, I'm kathy   [k]


Saturday, Nov 9th 2002


[Nov 9th 2002, 05:31] >>> We are now running GLUE 1.0

That is all.   [R]


Thursday, Oct 17th 2002


[Oct 17th 2002, 21:33] >>> Looks like I should make some template changes - there are a few things that are still g-blog-centric that I need to fix.

I suppose the next step for me is to contact everyone that used to have a vbulletin account and get blogs set up here.

Hopefully, I can get started on all of that this weekend.


Edited on Oct 17th 2002, 21:36 by Robert   [R]


Tuesday, Oct 15th 2002


[Oct 15th 2002, 00:11] >>> Welcome to belknap-family.net

This site is powerd by the GLUE weblog engine (http://glue.g-blog.net) This is currently a closed site. If you need/want an account here, plese send me a message: robert@belknap-family.net

Edited on Nov 9th 2002, 05:32 by Robert   [R]






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