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Why should I care?

Good question. Next question.

But seriously, here is the list of features. Decide for yourself if you want to register or not. If not, but if you like the idea behind this site, come back later on or simply keep an eye on it. If you like the direction it takes, sign up then.

What do you get (most features are only available if you register):

  • your own weblog @ www.g-blog.net/user/(your name here) where you can make your own entries (diary entries, rants, reviews, funky stuff... you decide)
  • blog entries can be categorized, made public (front page!) and/or commentable
  • Friends list: mark other users as friends, and links to their blogs they'll show up on your personal blog page
  • Foes list: people you find annoying can be "tuned out" - you won't see their blogs or comments anymore
  • comment other users' blogs - if they turned on comments on the particular entries, that is
  • when you update your blog, the URL gets listed on weblogs.com, one of the most active lists of just update weblogs on the net (don't ask: it's good for you)
  • etc.

Other features: admins (umm, that's me, I guess) can mark entries or comments as "quarantined" - they're not deleted, but they won't show up in public, only on the blog page of their owner. Should the owner behave very badly - we're against censorship, mind you -, i.e. violate common netiquette at a high degree or act uncivilized at a high degree, he'll be marked as "bozo". This means he or she is only allowed to write private blog entries and not allowed to comment anything anymore. As I've said, G-Blog.net is considered an anti-censorship site, but that doesn't mean we can't try to keep a minimal level of civilized, social behaviour.

Promises: we won't spam you. Your email address is only used when you run into password problems.

Important note: this is a privately maintained site. No money or profit is made, nor is it intended to make money or profit. It's highly unlikely to change, also.





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