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What is this site?

It's your new personal weblog. It's a rant site. It's a discussion site. Your soapbox. Whatever. You choose. Actually, it's hard to say, it all depends on what you want it to be.

It works like this: when you register, you get your own personal corner of the site. There you can write into your own weblog, your own diary-style notepad, for the lack of a better word. When you're writing, you can specify if you want to keep your entry in your personal log for yourself, if you want to make it public and/or if you want to discuss it with others. Hence, a discussion might evolve, if it's not too boring, of course. ;)

G-Blog.net is an experiment. Nothing more, nothing less. We're just not sure yet what might be deemed a success, that's all.

Also, the question "This explanation sucks - was it intended this way?" can be answered with a clear "No, but shit happens".

You might also want to read the "Why should I care?" page, in case you're still unsure.





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